Running injuries can be frustrating.

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Get to the root of the injury.

Have a plan that is made just for you and your running goals.

Run longer and faster with less pain.

Running rehab does not mean spending hours of your time in a clinic getting massaged or doing easy exercises. I help runners build personalized programs that target the physical qualities you need to improve in order to get back to pain free running.

Let us get to know you and your story.

We want to hear all of the details to make sure we are the best fit for you.

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Let us get to know you and your story. We want to hear all of the details to make sure we are the best fit for you.

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Tyler Eng is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist who believes that people should be able to run for life. 

He learned that running is a natural and healthy human movement while working with a plethora of runners during his time as a physical therapy student and as an orthopedic resident. Now Tyler is committed to helping runners conquer their injuries so they can run for life. 

In Tyler’s personal time he enjoys training for races, powerlifting and spending time with his fiance, Jenn, and yorkie-poodle, Yoko Bono.

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    Niko M.

    “I have been working with Tyler for 8 months on IT Band Syndrome, and my expertience has been stellar. This issue has been causing me pain while running for years, and I was frustrated with prior therapy where my pain would always return.”

    Dani L.

    “Before working with Tyler, I had some achilles and calf pain while training for my first half-marathon. I reached out to Tyler and he put together a training plan to help alleviate the pain. In just 6 weeks, those aches and pains were gone!”

    Keith R.

    “Last year I was dealing with some posterior tibial tendinitis and it plagued my season all the way until I came across the help of Tyler. He made me accountable from averaging 3.5 hours of sleep to 7-8.5 hours, drinking more than my body weight in water, and giving me short strength training exercises to accommodate my already busy schedule. If you have something going on I can’t say enough about reaching out to Tyler.”

    I can help you get back to pain free running, usually in 3-6 months. Are you ready to make this happen and run happily for the rest of your life?